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Round 2 – Texaco Country Showdown

“M.O.B.” will be playing at Knott’s Berry Farm this Saturday June 23rd.  Competition starts at 7pm.

7 bands will play 1 song each; the winner will play an additional song at the end, then move on to the next round.  We’re taking suggestions on which song to play, for those of you who have the album.  Feel free to comment on our Facebook Band Page!
We were entered into this contest just in time to make Round 1. We were up against more than 200 bands, who are all vying for $100,000.  The judges chose “More Than I Do” as one of the eleven winners! These eleven winners were posted online, to compete for Round 2…and thanks to our fans, we made it into the top seven!

Contest History
Excerpted from the Texaco Country Showdown website:

Despite a rather humble beginning, the Country Showdown has become a reliable source of rising country music stars over its 30-year history. Over the years, stars such as Garth Brooks, Sara Evans & Brad Paisley have competed in the Country Showdown. At the 1983 National Final, Martina McBride & Neal McCoy competed against one another, only to lose to The Jim Arnold Band. In 1985, Sweethearts Of The Rodeo won the National Final before becoming one of country music’s hottest duos. Click here to see a list of all those who have participated in the Showdown who have since gone on to accomplish some great things!

So, do what many of today’s country superstars have done and “Follow the Road” to the National Final where YOU could win $100,000 and the National Title.

So now we’ll compete at Knott’s Berry Farm this Saturday, on the Wagon Camp Stage in Ghost Town beginning at 7pm! See you there!

Interview with

Mark Lewis, Editor of Rock Over America magazine, interviews Michael about the Partridge Family, the move from Leatherwolf to M.O.B., and what it was like to do the album with all of you-know-who.

…This time around…found these guys, and in my living room we jammed ’em out…real live multi-track capturing it, you know…no fade-ins…just real. Real intros, real endings, real energy, real dynamics, real mistakes [laughs]. You know, it’s all in there…it’s a pretty honest record.

Part One
Part Two

Interview: “5 Albums that Changed My Life”

Since we’re such huge fans of his, Noisecreep asked Olivieri to take part in our ‘Five Albums That Changed My Life’ series. As you’ll see, his picks reflect his eclectic musical output.

It’s no secret that Noisecreep loves Leatherwolf. Back in 2009, around the time the site launched, we profiled the Orange County, Calif. band’s stellar yet underrated Street Ready album. Leatherwolf is still going strong, with a live DVD in the works, but these days vocalist/guitarist Michael Olivieri is keeping busy outside of the heavy metal realm.

In late 2011, the vocalist released M.O.B., the debut album from his Michael Olivieri Band. Where Leatherwolf’s songwriting incorporates everything from power metal to melodic hard rock, M.O.B. finds the singer going in a different direction.

Michael Olivieri Band specialize in an Americana style that owes a debt to the California country rock of the Eagles and the rootsy hooks of early Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Check out the group’s video for “More Than I Do” below and stay tuned for our interview with Olivieri about the new band.

Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975), Eagles (1976)

“Being the youngest of seven kids, Eagles were always being played in our house. My two older brothers, Dan and Mark, taught me how to play guitar with this record as the training wheels. I learned about harmony because of this record. Some of my earliest memories are the all day parties on Huntington Beach! Then as the sun set, the bonfires in the fire pits would light up the coastline for miles! Then it was time to breakout the guitars and play and sing every song on this album!”

Strangers in the Night, UFO (1979)

“Michael Schenker was my first guitar hero. I played this album over & over. It opened my eyes to a new sound. Into the rock era and out of the mellow sounds of the ’70s.”

The Song Remains the Same, Led Zeppelin (1976)

“When I was in high school, my friends and I would go to the midnight showing of the movie, The Song Remains the Same. It was in those moments that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I hung up the baseball cleats (for a while anyway) and got me a ’78 Gibson Les Paul Standard Tobacco Sunburst!”

Unleashed in the East, Judas Priest (1979)

“By this time, I was getting some guitar chops under my belt, and this album was the catalyst for that. I lived and breathed this record! If it wasn’t for this metal classic, I would never have joined Leatherwolf.”

Let Love Rule, Lenny Kravitz (1989)

“This record brought me back to my roots and came across very real and honest. I loved the rawness to it. I was starting to play a lot more piano at this time and this record inspired me to get a Wurlitzer. Which I still have and use live today.”

More on Michael Olivieri Band can be found at Pick up their M.O.B. album on iTunes today!
See the article here.